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Future Africa is a social enterprise with a charitable status incoroporated in England and Wales.  As  an international development group, we are committed to inclusive growth and inclusive development harnessing various private sector development approaches such as M4P as a framework for engaging with the "economically active poor" in developing countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Carribean and the Pacifics.  We beleive that enterprises are a sustainable strategy for poverty reduction.   Consequently, an investment in the human capital development of people as entrepreneurs is a sine qua none sustainable development.   At the heart of poverty reduction are strong institutions.  We are equally committed to strengthening institutions for accelerated growth.

We value local knowledge.  We harness local skills.  We expand and broaden local experiences for leveraging lateral learning.  As international development professionals with local insight and world outlook, we facilitate development programmes by adopting a learning for leverage approach as our project management philosophy.  We are committed to empowering people who are determined to reclaim their own development.  We strongly beleive that empowerment is a journey and not a destination.  Development from our perspective should be people-focused, people-oriented and people-directed.  Development impact should not be measured by just statistical numbers.  Development is not a number game.  Development is people.

The growth of African SMEs is predicated on Access to Finance & Strong Corporate Governance - foundations for a  sustainable private-sector development.  At Future Africa, we are passionate and committed to facilitating access to international funding and strengthening the capacities of weak institutions.

Our ethos in Future Africa: WE LISTEN!  WE LEARN!! and WE ENGAGE with local people and our clients as they are the experts in charting a path for their own sustained growth and development.  We value our clients especially as they are the reason for our corporate existence. 

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